Reading Dogs in Schools: Boosting Learning and Well-being

2023-04-22T16:55:05+10:00April 20th, 2023|

The use of reading dogs in schools has gained significant attention in recent years as an innovative approach to improving students' reading skills by helping students be more open to learning. Specially-trained pooches supply kids with a unique chance to hone their literacy abilities in an encouraging and unbiased atmosphere. In this blog post, we [...]

Wellbeing Dogs vs Therapy Dogs

2023-12-15T15:14:06+10:00April 1st, 2023|

It’s no secret that humans and dogs can make wonderful, supportive and meaningful connections with each other. It’s one of the reasons that dogs are now working in many settings to provide physical and emotional support to more humans than ever before. We are seeing the rise in important roles for dogs in schools, hospitals [...]

Unlocking the Benefits of Having Dogs in the Classroom

2023-12-15T15:17:34+10:00February 23rd, 2023|

Benefits of a Dog in the Classroom The presence of a dog in the classroom has wide-ranging benefits that can improve the learning environment for students and teachers alike. Studies have shown that students may have improved academic performance, better social skills, and greater self-esteem due to regular interaction with a canine companion. Additionally, research [...]

Wellbeing dog Murphy to become staff member, part of curriculum at Port Augusta Primary School

2023-04-05T11:54:10+10:00February 10th, 2023|

A big thank you to ABC's Dixie Sulda and Narelle Graham as well as Stirling North Primary School Assistant Principal Ryan Morris for this wonderful story about Murphy. Murphy is set to join students and staff at Stirling North Primary School in regional South Australia. Murphy will be connecting with the students, staff and the [...]

The Guardian

2022-06-07T11:32:17+10:00May 27th, 2022|

Thanks to The Guardian for their story about Swan Hill North Primary School and their wellbeing dog North who are about to engage in the Dogs Connect program assisted by funding from the Victorian Government Department of Education Schools Mental Health Menu.

Castlemaine Mail

2022-05-31T14:58:47+10:00May 20th, 2022|

Thanks to the Castlemaine Mail for sharing the story of how Goldie and her community Castlemaine Secondary College plan to make positive impacts for their students and staff.

Bendigo Times

2023-03-25T21:32:56+10:00February 25th, 2021|

We love talking to anyone about how this program strengthens and supports a trauma informed approach to the workplace and education. The Bendigo Times shared some great information in an informative story.   Read article here.

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