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The Online Program

This is a complete online training program. It is an ideal option for communities in more remote areas that are difficult to visit regularly. It’s also a great alternative to suit smaller budgets. The training can be shared throughout the community and is available forever.

  • Development of risk assessment policies and manuals
  • Preparation and communication to the community
  • Professional development sessions – whole staff, individuals and/or groups remotely
  • Remote workshops for staff, caregivers, students, residents, participants, families
  • Data development support
  • Timetabling and scheduling of interaction opportunities with the wellbeing dog
  • Education support
  • Personal development sessions – emotional and social balance and growth
  • Sustainable planning and documenting for growth and ongoing program content
  • Access to Dogs Connect Support Group – ongoing support

Duration: 6-12 months
Price: $7,700.00 including gst

Here is a short clip introducing you to this training package:

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