Our community wellbeing dog packages.

The Dogs Connect program has been implemented in a wide range of workplaces and communities throughout Australia. Our goal is to be supportive in as many ways we can. We love to be creative in finding ways to best support you in integrating your community dog. We have outlined a variety of different programs however we can tailor any package to suit your community. No two programs are ever the same!

The Online Program

This is a complete online training program. It is an ideal option for communities in more remote areas that are difficult to visit regularly. It’s also a great alternative to suit smaller budgets. The training can be shared throughout the community and is available forever.

  • Development of risk assessment policies and manuals
  • Weekly consultation and training remotely or over the phone
  • Preparation and communication to the community
  • Professional development sessions – whole staff, individuals and/or groups remotely
  • Remote workshops for staff, caregivers, students, residents, participants, families
  • Data development support
  • Timetabling and scheduling of interaction opportunities with the wellbeing dog
  • Education support
  • Personal development sessions – emotional and social balance and growth
  • Sustainable planning and documenting for growth and ongoing program content
  • Access to Dogs Connect Support Group – ongoing support

Duration: 4-6 months
Price: $7,700.00 including gst

Here is a short clip introducing you to this training package:

The Blended Program

We can provide a blended program of online elements to suit your budget and requirements. We can build you a support and solution-based approach to help you find the best way of integrating a wellbeing dog into your community.

This program is for any school who wants to go the extra mile in supporting their people. This course includes regular consultation with our expert staff so that you have complete peace of mind in knowing you are on track every step of the way.

Our team supports you on every level, from tech support through to very specific and targeted professional development which combines the concept of a wellbeing dog with the latest in trauma informed education and the most current wellbeing practices as seen across several industries. We also offer onsite consultation which enables targeted observations, feedback, demonstrations, staff PD and planning so that you can always expand your current understanding and practices.

This online training has been developed through years of experience and learning best practice related to working with a wellbeing dog in an education setting.

This is the result of a combination of teaching, research, trauma informed practice, and experience with implementing this program with over 40 schools Australia wide over the past 5 years.

This course will help you to deliver incredibly positive impacts which will encompass the entire community, not just students – but staff and families also!

Click here to see our 7 greatest and most common impacts we have measured in many Australian schools !

The course is delivered via an online enrolment which includes 13 modules made up of video tutorials and downloadable resources to support every step of the way. We are constantly adding to the content and refining the resources to ensure that we are paving the way for best practice in this field.

When you enrol in this course you receive premium access to all of the course and all of the support you could ever need – forever! We enrol you, and we are with you every step of the way.

You will be able to call on our expert staff to check in with you and guide you through the process.

Duration: Tailored to your needs
Price: Ranging from 9K–15K

Consulting Contracts

We can offer a range of consulting services aimed at supporting communities/workplaces. In some instances, a companion dog may already be a long-standing part of daily life, but there aren’t any processes developed to ensure safety and wellbeing.

We offer tailored consulting and can provide valuable support either in person or online.

Duration: Dependent on your needs

Price: Varies