We can help emergency services workers with trauma by introducing wellbeing dogs for mental health

We are passionate about supporting people who have been affected by trauma. Our programs for emergency services are built on a foundation of evidence-based practice, science, and research around trauma and its impacts.

How do wellbeing dogs help emergency services?

Self-awareness and emotional regulation are not new concepts for the emergency service sector. However, with our Dogs Connect programs, we can embed a positive culture of mental health and wellbeing support.

Having a wellbeing dog in your workplace can help:

Deal with trauma and PTSD

PTSD dogs are often trained to help people in the military who have witnessed traumatic events and are struggling to cope. Similarly, fire and ambulance staff are dealing with traumatic scenes daily. Our dogs and mental health programs help you learn about how trauma can affect you, your family and colleagues. We show you how working with our mental health dogs can give you techniques and strategies to manage this stress.

Increase emotional connections

We begin on building a connection with your wellbeing dog. We then work on ways to increase social connection to facilitate therapeutic support from colleagues, friends and family members.

How does it work?

We work with emergency services all over Australia. Everything is considered, from interaction to how to get support from your wellbeing dog during handover.

Initially, we need a volunteer to home the dog and be the primary carer. Once that has been decided, we help you:

  • Find a suitable dog that will suit your circumstances.
  • Write policies, risk assessments and building protocol documents to meet international standards.
  • Prepare your workplace so that consistent expectations are set and met by everyone.
  • Set up the workplace and home space so that your wellbeing dog feels like it belongs.
  • Train individuals in building authentic connections between members of the community and the wellbeing dog.
  • Set healthy and context-appropriate behavioural routines for your wellbeing dog and community.
  • Teach social and emotional management strategies with the wellbeing dog.
  • Build confidence with the community dog and become creative by working as a team to meet your needs.

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