Dogs Connect is a world-first mental health and wellness program.
We help you integrate a permanent wellbeing dog
 into your workplace community.

How can dogs help with mental health?

People and dogs have been connecting naturally in many ways for centuries. Dogs provide emotional support, give people an opportunity for connection and can help with stress and anxiety.

We are not a therapy dog organisation, instead we connect communities with wellbeing dogs.
Our goal is to help your dog integrate into the community and achieve as many mental health benefits as possible.

Our wellbeing dogs can help with:



Emotional regulation
The escalation cycle

Sensory processing
Stress management
Emotional literacy


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Which communities and workplaces do we help?



Having a school wellbeing dog can help with attendance, behaviour, social connection and emotional regulation.

Special needs communities

Introducing a wellbeing dog into special needs communities can help build responsibility and social interaction.

Justice Centres

Dogs can have a positive influence on staff and offender mental health by providing an opportunity for nurturing and connection.


Aged care

Having a wellbeing dog in aged care can help residents feel less agitated and more at home.


Wellbeing dogs can offer caregivers moments of uplift, lightness, and connection throughout the long days and nights.

Emergency services

Our wellbeing dogs can help emergency service workers deal with the trauma they face on the job.

How does Dogs Connect work?

We work with your community to design a long term, sustainable program so that your specific needs are supported.

The wellbeing dogs we work with are chosen for each environment and every program we build is in line with the International Standards for Animal-Assisted Intervention.

Our wellbeing dogs are trained ‘on the job’ so it allows staff, caregivers, community members and students to learn and grow alongside your dog.

We can build bespoke programs for communities in areas where natural disasters such as fire have occurred. We focus on increasing connectedness and finding ways to manage trauma and anxiety in conjunction with existing strategies and community links.

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