Project Description

Melrose Primary School, in partnership with Gateway Healths School Focused Youth Services, engaged the Dogs Connect Full Scale Program in semester 2, 2020. Melrose Primary School specialises in teaching emotional intelligence and places student and staff wellbeing very high on their priority list. Daisy (female Groodle and sister of Daisy from MEC) has been able to enhance and support the amazing work they do to help connect and strengthen the social and emotional learning across the whole school community. Daisy began her working life at a very young age and spends time in many different places with lots of different people as a teaching and learning facilitator. When Daisy is ‘off duty’ she lives with Melrose principal Ben and his family. Here is a look at some of the data we collected in relation to the impact Daisy had on behavioural incidents for some individual students. All data is de-identified.