Project Description

Lightning Reef Primary School engaged the Dogs Connect Full Scale Program in 2019 after receiving funding from Bendigo Community Health Services and School Focused Youth Services.

Alfie is a medium sized male Groodle and began his work as a puppy.  Alfie has a really fun boisterous nature and arrives at work every day ready to greet and uplift the Lightning Reef community. He begins his day with a walk around to each classroom with the principal and then goes about his routine work while being ready for any incidental connections he can be a part of.
Evidence gathered so far confirms the positive impact Alfie is having on improving connectedness for students and staff, and in particular, notable progress individual students have made after initially having a degree of fear or difficulty with having a dog in the classroom or on the school grounds.  Many of these students now feel confident and positive around Alfie and gain so much from his presence.

It was great to work with another school in Central Victoria where lots of ‘thinking outside the square’ occurs, prioritising the wellbeing of the community.

With all Alfie’s attributes, he is the perfect fit for Lightning Reef Primary School.