The Dogs Connect Team are all about wellbeing and mental health – especially in schools.

To celebrate World Mental Health Week 10th – 17th October we’ve created a simple, easy to use resource to support mental health awareness in Schools.

We’ve aligned our Dogs Connect philosophy with ‘The Five Ways To Wellbeing‘ because we love how easy the ‘Five Ways’ are for both children and adults to understand and adopt.

This resource can be a fun way to start your days during World Mental Health Week to raise awareness and encourage discussions. It can also be built into or become the foundation of mental health-related lessons.

Sign up today and receive our five-part email series between 12th – 16th October. You’ll receive an email a day for each of ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’ with tips, exercises and links to short video clips from the Dogs Connect Team, our furry assistants will also make an appearance.

There’s no sales pitch, this is just our offering to schools during this important time.
We hope you enjoy, have a great Mental Health Week.