The Dogs Connect program has been implemented in several schools across regional Victoria.
The program is available in a variety of packages to meet the specific needs of school communities.

Full-Scale Program

The Full-Scale program involves the Dogs Connect team building a dog into the school’s teaching and learning practices to help develop social and emotional skills for students and staff. We carefully source, train and integrate the dog to become a permanent member of the school community.

Duration: 2 terms
Price: Range from $21K – $25K

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Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program involves the Dogs Connect team working with a dog that is already part of your learning community. The program involves working with and teaching the school community how to build and deeply embed social and emotional learning and identifying ways to ensure the school dog is supported and sustained as an integral part of the teaching and learning culture of your school.

Duration: 2 terms
Price: Ranges from $8K – $15K

Incursion Program

The Incursion Program involves Grant and his dogs (Sonny and Jack) running a series of 8 teaching and learning wellbeing workshops around the specific needs of students and staff.

Duration: 8 weeks
Price range $6K – $8K

Individualised Family Programs

This program involves working with families and their dog at home to help identify ways to support individual children in developing the skills and strategies that will support them in becoming independent individuals.

Dependent on the family’s needs, we work closely with the child to help them develop skills to manage their emotions and empower them with lifelong skills.

Duration: subject to family’s needs.
Price range: $3K – $6K

Keynote Workshops

Grant is available for keynote speaking events to discuss:
• How to improve connectedness, engagement and wellbeing in schools.
• How to build emotional intelligence and resilience in children using a dog.
• Staff Professional Development
• Students and Parents Workshops

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Corporate Packages

Dogs Connect offer corporate packages for organisations and groups. Each package is custom designed to meet the specific needs and objectives.

For further information please contact Grant