The Dogs Connect program makes your school more engaging, connected, positive, nurturing, and welcoming.


The program merges the instinctive love that animals and children have toward each other, providing comfort in a modern society rife with stress and anxiety.


Disconnect turns into strong connection on many levels. This connection flows through the entire school community, not just through direct interaction with the dogs.

Learning Experience

The program directly impacts on learning, and has proven to improve desire to be at school, and the ability to enhance understanding socially and academically. These benefits underpin all learning.


Social and emotional learning (S.E.L). We now know that wellbeing overarches the ability for students to feel safe and capable of facing the challenges that school life presents. The initial focus of this program as aimed directly at teaching the competencies of S.E.L.


The program brings life to learning. Building curriculums around these foundations creates more capable learners who will experience learning in a way they never have before.